Amanda Beto
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Devbridge Group appoints Ed Price senior solutions architect

This week, Devbridge Group welcomes Ed Price as a Senior Solutions Architect from BMO Harris Bank. Ed will work with Devbridge Group’s North American clients to help define and implement technology strategies and identify appropriate technology stacks and platforms. Ed comes to Devbridge with a long financial services history and more than 25 years in various technology positions.

Adam Rusciolelli
By:Adam Rusciolelli Posted On: Topic:Process

Your application has launched. Now what?

Raising children while also working in the software development space, I have noticed parallels between the two seemingly different areas. These parallels start prior to launch/birth and continue through the various stages of maturity. Now that your product has launched, your baby born, what should you expect next? Following are a few key items to consider.

Aurimas Adomavicius
By:Aurimas Adomavicius Posted On: Topic:News

2016 year in review: helping clients create exceptional products faster

Devbridge Group closed 2016 with a number of record-breaking milestones. Many achievements were closely tied to the company’s increased emphasis on, and broadened skill set, in product design (i.e., user research, user experience, interface design and user testing). These expanded service offerings under the design discipline complement Devbridge Group’s product management and software engineering specialties, and provide clients with robust, cross-functional product teams that align closely with customer and business needs. Our latest post highlights 2016 milestones and looks ahead to 2017.

Amanda Beto
By:Amanda Beto Posted On: Topic:News

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