Rimantas Benetis
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A 6-point plan for implementing a scalable microservices architecture

There are many benefits that a microservices architecture brings if implemented correctly. However, there are many parts involved that should be taken into consideration before going down the path of adopting a microservices architecture environment. This post delves into the details and highlights several areas to consider to ensure any organization has a successful plan in place.

Amanda Beto
By:Amanda Beto Posted On: Topic:News

Build great apps that people love

On November 9, Devbridge Group hosted local Chicago Meetup Mobile on Tap for a lively discussion around building great apps people love. Bill Cronin, Director of PMO and Eric Strubinger, Senior Designer from Devbridge Group took more than 20 business and design professionals on a process-centric, Agile-driven, technology-focused journey.

Aurimas Adomavicius
By:Aurimas Adomavicius Posted On: Topic:Process

Antifr-agile: breaking things on purpose at Agile Day Chicago 2016

Saying that we're into agile is a bit of an understatement. We've written numerous articles and ranted at scale across conferences globally on the topic. On November 4, Morningstar's offices became the watering hole of the agile community as Agile Day Chicago 2016, went into full swing. One topic specifically drew my attention this year--Breaking Things on Purpose--and I wanted to expand on it in this post.

Andrius Juskenas
By:Andrius Juskenas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Bye raster, hello vector: 3 ways to use SVG easier

Today, nearly every webpage contains some kind of infographic. Infographics are a nice design feature, but also help readers understand and digest content easier. There are several options for dealing with sets of images/icons. Yet from a front end developer's perspective, we prefer SVG graphics, which have become widely supported on all modern browsers and are in vector graphics format, making them easily scalable on different screen resolutions among other advantages. Our latest post looks at three different approaches.

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