Jack Yager
By:Jack Yager Posted On: Topic:Design

How digital and real-world convergence impacts experience design

As experience design continues to evolve and mature, it’s important to understand not only what interaction behaviors and patterns users adopt, but how those digital patterns affect real-world interactions and modify conventions. This post looks at how digital and real-world convergence is impacting experience design.

Amanda Beto
By:Amanda Beto Posted On: Topic:News
Elijah Chang
By:Elijah Chang Posted On: Topic:Process

4 steps to defining a minimum viable product

In a recent post, Aurimas talked about product thinking--building what your customers need, and a culture of innovation. In that post, he mentioned a recent workshop wherein one of the executives asked how we could avoid failure. Figuring out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great place to start. But how do you create a good MVP? And why?

Aurimas Adomavicius
By:Aurimas Adomavicius Posted On: Topic:Process

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