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  • Article: Engineering

    What comes after microservices? Serverless

    As mentioned in my previous post, A path to microservices, adopting a microservices architecture is not simple. It requires many prerequisites to be managed successfully. With multiple services you quickly realize how many resources they use. Even the smallest service has a run-time footprint and consumes CPU cycles, even when sitting idle. Multiply this by number of services and you quickly get the picture. This post explores how this can be improved, and if it is possible to go beyond microservices to a serverless architecture.

    Rimantas Benetis
  • Article: Engineering

    A 6-point plan for implementing a scalable microservices architecture

    There are many benefits that a microservices architecture brings if implemented correctly. However, there are many parts involved that should be taken into consideration before going down the path of adopting a microservices architecture environment. This post delves into the details and highlights several areas to consider to ensure any organization has a successful plan in place.

    Rimantas Benetis
  • Article: Strategy

    Path to microservices: Moving away from monolithic architecture in financial services

    In an unprecedented era of high customer expectations, low market confidence and the constant threat of small and nimble players disrupting the market, financial institutions find themselves in a position where they must evolve or become extinct. As established players continue to be dependent on legacy technology and monolithic systems that require significant overhead and lead time to deliver even the smallest increment of value, many are struggling to satisfy the needs of their customers and shareholders and their ability to remain competitive is diminishing. This post explores how financial services institutions, particularly banks, can effectively evaluate and embrace the microservices architecture movement.

    Rimantas Benetis
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