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Responsive Web for ECommerce

Devbridge Group redesigned and implemented a multi-device optimized eCommerce website for the leading ink and toner retailer and franchisor Cartridge World.

Building a Responsive Ecommerce Site

With 1,400 stores worldwide, Cartridge World is the leading toner retailer and franchisor. Thousands of CW brick and mortar franchisees were missing sales opportunities due to the lack of a comprehensive eCommerce solution. We were tasked with creating a unified shopping experience across multiple devices, establishing an automated fulfillment workflow, as well as integrating eCommerce into the franchise business model. 

Why Devbridge Group

Deanne Casey, Online Marketing Manager at Cartridge World, chose Devbridge Group due to our extensive experience with custom eCommerce platforms, international commerce, and multilingual websites. Furthermore, we demonstrated our deep expertise in the franchising space including process automation, fulfillment integration through EDI, and other productivity optimizations that would dramatically improve the online experience. 

Our Approach

Our primary objective was to create a new revenue channel for the classic brick and mortar organization through eCommerce. We worked closely with Deanne and other members of the team to make sure that the eCommerce site would integrate into the compensation model of the franchisees - extending their value proposition beyond the brick and mortar experience. 

In fact, logic was created that automatically detects the physical location of the customer and recommends purchasing toner from a local store. Even online sales of toner are attributed to the specific franchisee, allowing them to grow their revenue by routing their customers to their online page.

Our design team labored over the perfect User Experience. We envisioned a website that had the same intuitive shopping process - no matter the platform. Using Responsive Web Design, we optimized the experience to work on desktops, tablets, as well as smartphone devices.

Feature Highlights

We focused on a complimenting set of features that would benefit the customer, as well as enable the franchisee. Working in agile, we developed components in two week sprints and shipped them for client acceptance. Here are some of the components we are proud to share.

Customer Experience

  • Intelligent Product Search – The autocomplete search allows the customer to look up toner using the cartridge name, brand or printer model.
  • Request a Quote – Allows users to build a comprehensive toner order and request an estimate from the franchise. The process leverages smart cartridge search to build out the request.
  • Savings Calculator – A tool that calculates savings to customers so they can see how much they will save by using Cartridge World’s replacement cartridges vs. other brands.
  • Store Finder and Google Maps­– allows the customer to find the closest brick and mortar store based on their location or a combination of filters, such as postal code or address.
  • Individual franchisee store pages.

Franchise Automation

  • Automated inventory and fulfillment (EDI)
  • Integration with tax calculation services (Avalara)
  • Content editing approval workflow for franchisee pages
  • Better CMS
  • Custom reporting platform (orders, transactions, fraud monitoring)
  • Custom audit log
  • Order management
  • Automated email marketing and abandoned shopping cart engagement

Enabling the Franchisee

In addition to commerce, we wanted to provide a comprehensive online marketing toolkit for each individual franchisee. Individual store pages and ability to find them by customers location were a good start, but we had more in mind. We wanted each store owner to be able to manage their own content on the microsite, but we did not want the overhead to fall on the corporate office. We implemented a sophisticated content editing framework using Better CMS that allows each franchisee to manage their own store pages, updates, and promotions, as well as provide oversight for the corporate office in terms of the content edits that are taking place.

The website also provides easily consumable information on how to open a Cartridge World franchise store, including an overview, benefits, investment information and action steps. Additionally, interested parties can request more detailed information in order to make an educated decision. 


The new site has been such a success that Cartridge World in Germany and France are exploring using the same platform.  With over 300 percent increase in online sales, Deanne states that “It’s very exciting that what we can accomplish here could be expanded to different countries and numerous languages”.

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