Building e-discovery software

kCura develops web-based e-discovery applications for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations. Their flagship product, Relativity, has over 100,000 unique users worldwide. Since 2014, kCura leverages Devbridge to augment their internal Product Teams with Product Ownership and engineering capacity. As of today, multiple teams are taking ownership and shipping product to market for this Chicago-based leader in e-discovery.

Agile and integrated

kCura and Devbridge are both active practitioners of Agile software delivery methods. Be it Chicago or our Vilnius office, kCura and Devbridge engineers are working seamlessly with technologies such as AngularJS, Protractor and Elastic Search.

One of our initial prototypes was the creation of a new front-end framework for kCura’s flagship product, Relativity. With our front-end expertise and help building and expanding the framework, kCura was able to rebuild Relativity to be more platform oriented. The delivered solution also contains modules built upon this platform to deliver key functionality to kCura’s e-discovery clients.

As partners, we also provide Product Ownership, Quality Assurance, and automation services. The software continues to be actively developed and improved by both teams.