Tackling massive technical debt with scalable cross-functional teams

Company overview

A global financial services organization developed a reputation for delivering industry-leading solutions trusted to safely route financial information. The company is a major player in the RegTech space providing innovative data and software solutions to financial institutions, corporations, FinTechs, and governments worldwide.


The company was struggling to keep up with mounting technical product debt across its core applications. Outdated application frameworks were becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, user experience was falling behind modern standards, and the risk of a reputation-damaging security breach was rising. The organization's products needed better security, UX, and cloud-based tech stacks at a lower cost of ownership than current legacy desktop applications provided.

The organization lacked capacity internally to address these issues effectively, and developing the skillset to execute the work required a longer time than market pressures allowed. Technology teams regularly turned to individual contractors, further contributing to a polluted ecosystem of best practices and standards.

With pressures mounting and rising expectations from customers, the organization needed a scalable, experienced partner to address the mounting technical debt fast. Enter Devbridge.


Looking at this relationship as a long-term product partnership (vs. of a series of individual technology projects), Devbridge built out right-sized teams working alongside different global product divisions. The Devbridge cross-functional team included product management, product design, and engineering experts. The blend of subject matter expertise and technical knowledge exchanged between the two companies created a shared understanding and ability to scale—delivering results quickly and effectively.

Tackling massive technical debt with scalable cross-functional teams
Tackling massive technical debt with scalable cross-functional teams

Devbridge also introduced a standardized, scalable delivery framework that set expectations for all ongoing and future product initiatives internally and for partner vendors. The framework included best practices for agile metrics, static and dynamic source code scanning, CI/CD, automated testing strategy, as well as self-provisioning using DevOps.

Tackling massive technical debt with scalable cross-functional teams


Since 2017, the Devbridge team fostered a strong partnership founded on trust and dedication to both rapidly address the financial company's product needs and build solutions with the total cost of ownership in mind. To date, Devbridge enabled the client to ship several critical products that were previously struggling to reach production. We are a preferred partner with 10+ launched global products, as well as multiple ongoing re-platforming, product expansions, and security remediation efforts.