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Full Stack Friday: Accelerating through ambiguity

Accelerating through ambiguity

Join the Devbridge team and Chris Wilkinson, Director of Product Design at Devbridge, for a virtual Full Stack Friday meetup on August 21st, 2020.

This Full Stack Friday is focused on techniques successful product leaders use to generate forward momentum when the right answers (and the right questions) are unclear. We're all adapting to the now. What users need, what consumers expect, and how organizations operate continues to change rapidly. Enterprises must make calculated bets to address pain points and hedge against future uncertainty, all while enabling their business to operate under dynamic conditions. Those that move forward fast and decisively can shape their destiny.

This talk will cover how to forge ahead and accelerate building products for the next normal by:

  • using structured discovery to determine priorities,

  • shaping roadmaps by validating multiple product directions, and;

  • unlocking new value levers for the business.


9:30 am CST [meetup starts]
10:15 am CST [Q&A]
10:30 am CST [meetup concludes]

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About the event:

Full Stack Friday is a monthly meet up hosted by Devbridge where we share insights on product development, design, and process. The talks focus on issues relevant to product people and full stack teams. For more information about the next event, contact us directly.