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Full Stack Friday: Radical transparency

Radical transparency

American professional culture is polite and largely political. Messages lose their meaning as they are tailored for reasons other than transmitting that true intent. The most successful organizations and teams know where they stand at all times. They heavily rely on all forms of feedback to continually refine and improve. They need raw (and at times uncomfortable) data and facts to operate with clear direction and minimal waste. These successful organizations take measures to incentivize transparent communication and behavior. Learn how building a culture of transparency fosters healthier organizations and breeds success.

Hear from Devbridge Vice President of Services, Adam Rusciolelli.

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About the event:

Full Stack Friday is a monthly meet up hosted by Devbridge where we share insights on product development, design, and process. The talks focus on issues relevant to product people and full stack teams. For more information about the next event, contact us directly.