Smarter AgTech products increasing grower profits

A Fortune 100 agriculture giant digitizes a phone and paper process across the globe in just six months.

icon Ecosystem or model

Precision agriculture

Observe, measure, and improve crop yields using data streaming and machine learning.

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Cloud supply chain management

Automate operations for complex supply chains with bespoke, scalable applications.

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Equipment and livestock monitoring

Monitor, aggregate, and predict farming asset performance to maximize return and decrease downtime.

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Omnichannel experience for producers and suppliers

Unify and strengthen the customer experience by integrating existing systems and front office data into a single platform.

Digitized R&D portfolio planning

Digitized R&D portfolio planning

Case study: John Deere
A digital customer lifecycle for Louis Dreyfus Company

A digital customer lifecycle for Louis Dreyfus Company

Case study

Strategy and mission-critical products for:

icon Agriculture

Agricultural goods and food processors

Be more productive and sustainable with custom applications for AgTech.

icon Manufacturing

Agriculture equipment manufacturers

Increase cost efficiencies throughout the entire value chain.

icon Relationship or core system

Agriculture merchants and distributors

Improve traceability, sustainability, and quality of goods with custom applications.

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Agriculture supply chain and logistic companies

Technology solutions built to maximize and enhance the supply chain.

White paper

Winning customer experiences across the agricultural machinery lifecycle

An analysis of tactical investments of AGCO, Case, and John Deere in custom software that helps build better products and improve the customer experience

White paper manufacturing cover image