Winning the in-car
customer experience war
in automotive

Elevate the in-car experience, provide updates remotely, and leverage IoT data for predictive maintenance.

icon IoT internet of things

Always connected IoT vehicles

Integrated apps and connected services deliver more value for the customer, enhancing customer loyalty after the initial purchase.

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In-car customer experience

Tailored media, unique services, and fast response time from the dealership and the OEM are all opportunities for competitive advantage.

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Remote service and updates

Cloud native, secure, and resilient services provide an unparalleled maintenance experience for the customer.

icon Performance

Predictive maintenance

Maximize uptime of vehicles and introduce predictability for dealerships using IoT data and machine learning models.

Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

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A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

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Driving results with digital products for:

icon IoT internet of things

Integrated cockpit electronics providers

The ultimate driving experience with integrated applications

icon Ecosystem or model

OEM component manufacturers and distributors

Custom applications built for complex OEM needs

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Dealer and service networks

Building a cohesive customer experience across the network

icon Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers

Predictable delivery of all-terrain digital products

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