Better investments driven by a single source of truth

Microservices architecture and a data master strategy enable a global asset manager to respond rapidly to customer needs.

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Automated decisioning

Robotic process automation allows banks to speed up decisioning workflows, underwrite, and issue funds on demand.

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Data strategy and analytics

Institutions switch from batch-based operations to data streaming, leveraging data lakes and microservices for a single source of truth.

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Modernizing the core

Aging legacy core systems impede progress and introduce cybersecurity risks. Winners embrace engineering maturity, infrastructure as code, and continuous delivery.

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Cross-channel self-service

Great branchless experiences will dominate a post-COVID landscape. Blending financial product types with advisory functionality introduces a competitive advantage.

Award-winning mobile banking in six months

Award-winning mobile banking in six months

Case study: CIBC
Automated loan decisioning at Wells Fargo

Automated loan decisioning at Wells Fargo

Case study

Strategy and digital products for:

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Automation and customer experience in commercial, retail, lending, and investing

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Payment providers

From evolving the interactions to fighting fraud

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Asset managers

Workflow automation, single source of truth, and customer experience

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Insurance companies

Data strategy, legacy modernization, and a customer-centric approach

White paper

Legacy software modernization in financial services

A practical guide for enterprises looking to face legacy system issues head-on. Chart a path to a coreless bank today!

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