Automating the mundane, maximizing the creative

London-based Big Four services firm improves eDiscovery throughput by 2600 percent with Relativity modules built by Devbridge.

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Machine learning in forensics

Improve data accuracy through automation.

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Custom Relativity modules

Enhance workflow effectiveness through bespoke components.

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Round-the-clock processing

Centralize the administration of job routing and global processing.

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Data strategy and microservices

Use industrial-grade performance and data availability for high-volume processing.

Bespoke workflows for Relativity platform in just 8 weeks

Bespoke workflows for Relativity platform in just 8 weeks

Case study
Custom add-ons for leading eDiscovery platform

Custom add-ons for leading eDiscovery platform

Case study: Relativity

Custom add-ons for Relativity

We build custom solutions that improve and enhance our clients’ workflows, giving them a significant edge over competitors. As a Relativity developer partner, we delivered custom add-ons and new features that enabled users to manage large amounts of data faster while increasing work process efficiency by 26 percent.

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We seamlessly integrate with internal teams to develop features enhancing the core product.

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We know the Relativity product and the markets served inside out and are best positioned to deliver a customized solution.

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Using enhanced workflows results in significant cost and revenue savings for clients.

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The build vs. buy guide

Determine when to build bespoke, buy off-the-shelf, or customize licensed products.

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