Improving patient outcomes in emergency care

SCP automates staffing, optimizes revenue, and increases patient care quality through a suite of digital products.

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Data strategy and analytics

Switch from batch-based operations to data streaming, leveraging data lakes and microservices for a single source of truth. Use analytics on top of patient data for improved outcomes.

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HIPAA compliant cloud

Unlock the potential of centralized, easily accessible EHR data without compromising security and regulatory requirements.

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Scale access to healthcare, reach remote locations, and increase provider bandwidth. Facilitate care during COVID-19 restrictions.

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Process automation

Speed up mundane workflows for practice managers and providers using robotic process automation. Unlock more time for patient care.

HIPAA compliant mobile, web, cloud solution

HIPAA compliant mobile, web, cloud solution

Case study
Automated shift assignments for doctors and nurses during a healthcare crisis

Automated shift assignments for doctors and nurses during a healthcare crisis

Case study

Bespoke healthcare software for:

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Healthcare providers

Cross-platform tools for the modern healthcare team

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Medical management firms

Digital onboarding, secure messaging, and staffing orchestration

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Pharma and biotech

Tools for field sales teams on product data information management

icon Manufacturing and automation

Device manufacturers

Connected devices, microservices architecture, and remote updates

White paper

Building a strong, secure communication system for healthcare organizations

How to design a compliant unified communication tool for the healthcare industry

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