Customer experience:
The final frontier in

Manufacturers can create competitive advantage
through digital initiatives and exceptional
customer experience

Make the customer the North Star

Beyond the internet
of things

Smarter, machine data-driven business decisions now possible.

Go beyond the basics of agile

augmented reality

Enhanced workforce double throughout, improves safety.

Lower cost with DevOps

Efficiency through
machine learning

Reduce scrap rates as well as supply-chain forecasting errors.

Microservices for the core

Your customer is the
North Star

User research, testing, and design thinking lead to award-winning experiences.


Connected machines
for record yields.

Oil, gas, and power

Enterprise mobility and digital workflows double
throughput, lower cost, and improve safety.


Pricing optimization, customer and carrier portals,
and the ability to increase revenue with current staff.


5G connected autonomous vehicles, mobile
media, and many other opportunities emerge.

PowerUp app: actionable
project health reporting for
the enterprise CIO

PowerUp gives CIOs tasked with an agile transformation
actionable insight across a portfolio of enterprise agile projects

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