Higher profitability through custom software. From the connected factory, to the Internet of Things, product information management, field-service mobility and parts e-commerce.

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Field service software

Save costs, eliminate paperwork, track performance, and improve customer experience through an ERP integrated, mobile-first, custom platform for field service management.

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Product information managment

The management of a vast catalogue of technical product data – across markets and countries – can be a challenging task. A powerful Product Information Management system (PIM) is a centralized repository of data that can help global manufacturers manage product availability across regions, create product inheritance, enable marketing teams, and more.

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manufacturer Data visualization and interet of things

Data visualization and the Internet of Things

Proven cloud technology with our expertise in architecting, configuring and customizing highly sophisticated software. The emergence of connected devices, machine applications and a standard for communicating with which we are fluent – MTConnect – has lead to the realization of the connected factory. We help unlock real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance through machine-to-machine communication, improving efficiency and lifecycle management, reliability and safety.

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Parts e-commerce

Product maintenance and part replacement is a highly profitable channel for most manufacturers, yet an underutilized one. Combining field service mobile applications and an e-commerce platform allows on-the-spot sales of replacement parts.

Workflow and quality control automation

Digital manufacturing solutions extend to every critical process within the factory. We design, develop and deploy custom software solutions for the enterprise that incorporate workflow and quality control automation; these applications integrate into the existing ERP backbone and increase profitablity across the organization.

Multilingual CMS

We are expert integrators of industry leading content management packages for multilingual applications. Universal or region-based content is handled by the right person with the right permissions. Cloud integration, SEO capabilities, dynamic templates and Amazon or Azure storage and caching – a world class CMS for the enterprise.

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