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Smart technologies to increase automation and throughput

A global generator manufacturer Generac cuts down service-to-revenue time with a connected field service mobile app.

icon Manufacturing and automation

Robotic process automation

Speed up enterprise workflows using RPA and computer-assisted decisioning. Reduce scrap rates and supply chain forecasting errors.

icon Database

Data strategy and analytics

Switch from batch-based operations to data streaming, leveraging data lakes and microservices for a single source of truth. Layer analytics on top of production data to discover efficiencies.

icon IoT internet of things

IoT connected devices

Use machine learning to drive a better customer experience. Roll out predictable maintenance and higher machine uptime.

icon Gyroscope data

Customer experience

Introduce self-service across the customer lifecycle. Use service design to identify and pursue competitive advantage rich opportunities.

John Deere digitizes R&D workflows

John Deere digitizes R&D workflows

Case study
Generac mobile field service applications

Generac mobile field service applications

Case study

Making great product better with bespoke software for:

icon Factory

Equipment and automotive manufacturers

Custom applications for product information management and operational efficiency

icon energy power

Oil, gas, and power generation

Enterprise mobility and digital workflows doubling throughput, lowering cost, and improving safety

icon Equipment manufacturers

Consumer goods and packaging manufacturers

Inventory optimization, customer and supplier portals, and the ability to increase revenue and efficiency with current staff

icon telecommunications


5G connected autonomous vehicles, mobile media, and other emerging opportunities

White paper

Winning customer experiences across the agricultural machinery lifecycle

An analysis of tactical investments of AGCO, Case, and John Deere in custom software that helps build better products and improve the customer experience

White paper manufacturing cover image