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Today every company is a technology company. We build product innovation centers within the enterprise and leverage agile to deliver thrilling products that customers love to use.

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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping kick starts tactical initiatives while avoiding unnecessary delays. An early-stage, interactive concept is a visualization of the solution; it accelerates lean requirements, improves stakeholder engagement, and improves the quality of the product. Rapid prototyping is a process to build great products that customers love to use.

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Enterprise agility

Classic software project management processes were born out of best practices established in the manufacturing industry. These practices fail time after time to deliver software customers actually need and result in products that deliver 50% of value at 200% of budget. We form agile teams that use Rapid Prototyping and Dual-track Scrum to ship innovative products that deliver value to market consistently.

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Team augmentation

Our dedicated product teams augment the enterprise with UX, engineering and product ownership expertise. We help create your internal innovation center, increasing value delivered through expertise and transparency and delivering solutions with speed.

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Product-to-market acceleration

Lean requirements gathering, Rapid Prototyping and Dual-track Scrum – the methods we use to achieve speeds other call impossible. Gain validation, fail early and often and collect real-world feedback to create the most valuable solutions. Operate leaner and build smarter products.

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Tech for Funded Startups

We apply our expertise, services and software delivery methods for funded startups, including startup architecture, scalability design and SDLC optimization. Our lean methods allow us to augment small teams with the engineering, design and product management power, bringing innovative products to market quickly.

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