Devbridge is officially transitioning to the Cognizant brand at the end of 2023. Come visit us at our new home as part of the Cognizant Software Engineering team.

Evergreen SaaS products with a predictable release cadence

Adopt service design and identify opportunities that will drive business outcomes. Use continuous deployment to accelerate features to market.

The product partner for product companies

We partner with software companies to modernize legacy products, stand up engineering best practices, and modernize design patterns. Our teams can be fully integrated to accelerate features to market or operate in parallel on special initiatives.

icon Cloud

Transition to cloud

Modernize legacy on-prem applications to leverage lateral scalability and ease of deployment.

icon Relationship or core system

Design systems

Drive enterprise value through governance, maintenance, and adoption with design systems.

icon DevOps and automation

Pipeline automation

Improve speed to market through infrastructure as code and continuous deployment.

icon Code

Tooling and engineering maturity

Establish engineering best practices that lead to maintainable products and predictable releases.

Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

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A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

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We help software companies operationalize product development with:

icon Scalability

Scalable cross-functional teams

From one team for an MVP to a full pod, providing a stable cross-functional capability

icon Speedometer

Superior delivery methodology and toolkit

People, process, and bespoke tooling to deploy working software four times faster

icon Deep linking

Strategic product and technical debt management

Expertise in on-prem modernization to SaaS design patterns

icon Strategy

A shift to product-centric

Leveling-up internal teams beyond Agile with customer-centric design patterns, continuous delivery, and design systems


The Secret Source: The culture, skills, and process to make great digital products

This book was written to help our team and clients build mission-critical applications faster. The book offers a transparent look at the full product lifecycle at Devbridge. It details our methodology, tools, and best practices that enable our teams to ship product fast.

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