Tooling to service IoT generators for 10,000 technicians

A mobile field service application for the leading home backup generator manufacturer doubles efficiency for dealer technicians.

Custom mobile app with maximum ROI, minimal upfront cost

Devbridge implemented a strategy of building a prototype first, creating alignment with the dealer network before investing a significant amount of money into the application build.


Paper-based process used to install, maintain, and complete work orders on Generac generators.


A mobile field-service application is prototyped, validated, and shipped to a network of 10,000.


90% of Generac dealers sign up for paid access to the product before a line of code is written. Product launches to market in the following six months.

Generac field services app screens

Building a working prototype in less than 60 days and releasing a product to market in just five months

With a prototype built in such a short time, Generac showcased its new application, TechPro, to its network of dealers creating demand before a single line of code was written.

project samples - Generac.009

Armed with the new field services app, Generac field technicians now complete twice as many work orders in a day.

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