It's time to get lean. 

Our signature Lean Requirements workshop puts custom software development on the fast track. First, we get key stakeholders in one room for one day. Then, our product development team takes charge (with a box of fun) to orchestrate the ultimate workshop—resulting in six key outcomes required to accelerate your product market.

The workshop is designed to challenge your team to think critically about building the best digital product for your business. All you need to do is get the right people in the room. Without fail, we will get the stakeholders aligned in just one day—which is more than most companies can do in months. 

No upfront documentation allowed.

While a business requirement document may seem like a logical first step to kicking off a project, it's often cumbersome to curate, missing hidden requirements, loaded with assumptions, and boring for your colleagues to read. 

Instead, we prefer to focus on the problem we're solving, the user and business needs, and the ways we will measure success. This daylong workshop empowers business leaders to walk away with the information and alignment needed to jump-start product development, DevOps, or any digital transformation to net measurable results for their organization. 

Six key outcomes:

1. Defined Business Goal

2. MVP Requirements

3. Hidden Requirements

4. Shared Understanding

5. Scope & Priorities

6. Product Release Strategy

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