Get an Edge in NYC with Responsive Web Development

Give your NYC company a competitive edge. Devbridge Group will solve the most complex issues with custom ecommerce and responsive website development.

Get an Edge in NYC with Responsive Web Development

Naturally, the largest city in the US and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world is a global business hub as well as a command center for the world economy. Competition in any of the wide variety of industries represented in New York is fierce, from the largest companies and on down through the regional and local levels. To stay afloat, many businesses have recognized the need for an engaging, responsive and effective web presence. Devbridge Group can provide the web solutions that companies in New York need.

At Devbridge Group, we are an award-winning web and software design and development company that works with partners in the manufacturing, software, healthcare, franchising and financial services industries, as well as VC-backed startups. We specialize in the development, design, implementation and support of ecommerce and corporate websites and web solutions.

Our Team of Professional Designers Can Design a Site that is Unique to Your Business

When you work with Devbridge, you get a dedicated product team that works directly with you from research and discovery, to design and implementation, and on through support, to create solutions that are unique to you. Our research is a deep-dive in to the subtleties and nuances that make your business, resulting in an intimate knowledge of your brand and solutions that meet your needs. We conduct user experience workshops with your stakeholders and sample customers, ensuring that the user experience associated with your website is of the highest quality and your solution is engaging and effective.

Mobile Apps Keep You Relevant to New Yorkers Who Are Always on the Go

Not only are our ecommerce and corporate websites responsive, meaning that they will cater to any device such as a smart phone or tablet, but we also specialize in mobile software development. We are adept at creating native mobile applications that are focused on a clean, professional aesthetic and the best user experience. We are technology-agnostic, meaning we develop engaging and effective applications for iOS or Android.

Ecommerce Services Enable Your Customers to Make Purchases Any Time, Any Place

Our emphasis on responsive design and mobile development also extends to our ecommerce solutions, helping you increase sales and meet your goals. We also incorporate A/B and stress testing to guarantee effectiveness and allow ourselves to implement further improvements as we go along.

Let Devbridge Group Help You Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Some of the many businesses we have developed web and mobile solutions for include:

  • Healthcare industry: Designed a HIPAA-compliant mobile app and web portal for Zest Health
  • Franchising Industry: Designed and developed a user-friendly ecommerce site for Cartridge World
  • Software Industry: Developed and developed a responsive corporate website for Bridgeway

At Devbridge, we provide the technologically-superior solutions in web development that don’t sacrifice user experience and usability for companies in the global hub that is New York.

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