Meet our team.

We share in the ongoing pursuit of mastery. We strive to become better
professionals, athletes, and partners to our clients. We encourage you to
explore our thinking around UX, engineering, and company culture and
if that is something you would enjoy, apply for a position!

0 current team members


Production and Practice Leads

Product Management

Bradley Antcliff
Bradley Antcliff Product Manager
Vaida Benetyte
Vaida Benetyte Business Analyst
Marius Bindokas
Marius Bindokas Business Analyst
Lina Bisikirskiene
Lina Bisikirskiene Business Analyst
Gediminas Damijonaitis
Gediminas Damijonaitis Resource Development Manager
Daniel D'Hondt
Daniel D'Hondt Product Manager
David D'Silva
David D'Silva Group Product Manager
Jack Dubnicek
Jack Dubnicek
Clare Dussman
Clare Dussman Product Manager
Zack Ehrmann
Zack Ehrmann Product Manager
Martinas Garmus
Martinas Garmus Product Manager
Laura Harkins
Laura Harkins
Timothy Harrison
Timothy Harrison Junior Enterprise Account Executive
Vincent Hartogh
Vincent Hartogh Associate Product Manager
Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes Product Manager
C.J. Holler
C.J. Holler Product Manager
Robert Hoskins
Robert Hoskins Senior Product Manager
Katherine Janas
Katherine Janas Product Manager
Justina Jukneviciute
Justina Jukneviciute Engineering Manager
Henrikas Kapaciauskas
Henrikas Kapaciauskas Business Analyst
Andrius Kolduba
Andrius Kolduba Business Analyst
Carlos Kubler
Carlos Kubler Associate Product Manager
Jelena Kuse
Jelena Kuse Senior Business Analyst
Renata McCurley
Renata McCurley Group Product Manager
Kathleen Paone
Kathleen Paone Senior Product Manager
Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez Product Manager
Lina Petunova
Lina Petunova Senior Business Analyst
Dipak Prasad
Dipak Prasad Group Product Manager
Sade Ragsdale
Sade Ragsdale Associate Product Manager
Justinas Rasalskis
Justinas Rasalskis Business Analyst
Brandon Rifkin
Brandon Rifkin Senior Product Manager
Eric Schmitt
Eric Schmitt Group Product Manager
Zahra Sedaghat
Zahra Sedaghat Senior Product Manager
Kristina Siavkinaite
Kristina Siavkinaite Business Analyst
Tyson Stewart
Tyson Stewart Group Product Manager
Aukse Stravinskiene
Aukse Stravinskiene Senior Business Analyst
Jenna Stworzyjanek
Jenna Stworzyjanek Product Manager
Justina Tarutaite
Justina Tarutaite Business Analyst
Marius Triukas
Marius Triukas Senior Business Analyst and Team Lead
Lauryna Vasinauske
Lauryna Vasinauske Business Analyst
Simonas Vaskevicius
Simonas Vaskevicius Business Analyst
Taylor Wong
Taylor Wong Product Manager
Yves Yeung
Yves Yeung Product Manager
Alex Young
Alex Young Senior Product Manager
Tomas Kirda
Tomas Kirda Co-Founder and Senior Software Architect

Product Design


Zilvinas Abromavicius
Zilvinas Abromavicius Software Engineer
Paulius Adomaitis
Paulius Adomaitis Software Engineer
Augustas Adomavicius
Augustas Adomavicius Senior Software Engineer
Tomas Adomavicius
Tomas Adomavicius Senior DevOps Engineer
Lukas Aleknavicius
Lukas Aleknavicius Software Engineer
Stanislav Aleksejenko
Stanislav Aleksejenko Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Laurynas Aleksiunas
Laurynas Aleksiunas Junior Software Engineer
Mindaugas Aleksonis
Mindaugas Aleksonis Mobile Software Engineer
Edvinas Alenskas
Edvinas Alenskas Software Engineer
Henrikas Amosejevas
Henrikas Amosejevas Software Engineer
Viktorija Andrikoniene
Viktorija Andrikoniene Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Paulius Apulskis
Paulius Apulskis Software Engineer
Vilius Arminas
Vilius Arminas Software Engineer
Dainius Armonas
Dainius Armonas Software Engineer
Lukas Astrovas
Lukas Astrovas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Tomas Ausvicas
Tomas Ausvicas Software Engineer
Dovydas Babickas
Dovydas Babickas Software Engineer
Gediminas Backevicius
Gediminas Backevicius Software Architect
Juozas Baliuka
Juozas Baliuka Senior Software Engineer
Arturas Baranauskas
Arturas Baranauskas DevOps Engineer
Matas Bartaska
Matas Bartaska Software Engineer
Justas Batulevicius
Justas Batulevicius Senior Software Engineer
Paulius Beneta
Paulius Beneta Senior Software Engineer
Justinas Bernotaitis
Justinas Bernotaitis Software Engineer
Julius Blankus
Julius Blankus Senior Software Engineer
Ignas Bobinas
Ignas Bobinas Software Engineer
Ovidijus Boiko
Ovidijus Boiko Senior DevOps Engineer
Vytautas Boznis
Vytautas Boznis Software Engineer
Mindaugas Budas
Mindaugas Budas Senior Software Engineer
Paulius Bulotas
Paulius Bulotas Senior DevOps Engineer
Tomas Burokas
Tomas Burokas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Justas Buzaitis
Justas Buzaitis Software Engineer
Rytis Capas
Rytis Capas Principal Software Engineer
Romas Cebis
Romas Cebis Senior Software Engineer
Remigijus Ceikauskas
Remigijus Ceikauskas Senior Software Engineer
Dovydas Cerkus
Dovydas Cerkus Senior Software Engineer
Aleksandr Cerleniuk
Aleksandr Cerleniuk Senior Software Engineer
Tomas Cernius
Tomas Cernius Software Engineer
Sergej Christoforov
Sergej Christoforov Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Vaidotas Danius
Vaidotas Danius Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Povilas Dargis
Povilas Dargis Software Engineer
Gediminas Deveikis
Gediminas Deveikis Senior Software Engineer
Tautvydas Dirmeikis
Tautvydas Dirmeikis Software Engineer
Mantas Dubickas
Mantas Dubickas Senior Software Engineer
Nerijus Dulke
Nerijus Dulke Software Engineer
Viktor Dulko
Viktor Dulko Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Justas Eimutis
Justas Eimutis Software Engineer
Marius Eismantas
Marius Eismantas Software Engineer
Ricardas Faturovas
Ricardas Faturovas Software Engineer
Povilas Galcius
Povilas Galcius Software Engineer
Leonardas Garnionis
Leonardas Garnionis Senior Software Engineer
Ivan Gastilovic
Ivan Gastilovic Junior Software Engineer
Arnas Gecas
Arnas Gecas Software Engineer
Lukas Gerbenis
Lukas Gerbenis Senior Software Engineer
Martynas Gestautas
Martynas Gestautas Software Engineer
Aivaras Gluodas
Aivaras Gluodas Senior Software Engineer
Paulius Grabauskas
Paulius Grabauskas Principal Software Engineer
Laimonas Grakauskas
Laimonas Grakauskas Senior Software Engineer
Mantas Grazys
Mantas Grazys Senior Software Engineer
Augustas Grebliauskas
Augustas Grebliauskas Software Engineer
Domantas Greicius
Domantas Greicius Junior Software Engineer
Lukas Grinkevicius
Lukas Grinkevicius Software Engineer
Benjaminas Gruodys
Benjaminas Gruodys Software Engineer
Marius Grybauskas
Marius Grybauskas Junior Software Engineer
Arturas Gudkovas
Arturas Gudkovas Senior Software Engineer
Rokas Gulbinas
Rokas Gulbinas Junior Software Engineer
Gaile Gurskyte
Gaile Gurskyte Software Engineer
Paulius Hakas
Paulius Hakas Software Engineer and Team Lead
Lukas Jakubauskas
Lukas Jakubauskas Technical Support Manager
Elvinas Jakubcevicius
Elvinas Jakubcevicius Software Engineer
Justinas Janulevicius
Justinas Janulevicius Software Engineer
Povilas Janusas
Povilas Janusas Senior DevOps Engineer and Team Lead
Vaidas Jarusevicius
Vaidas Jarusevicius Software Engineer
Rolandas Jasiunas
Rolandas Jasiunas Software Engineer
Marius Jaskunas
Marius Jaskunas Software Engineer
Audrius Jazgevicius
Audrius Jazgevicius Software Engineer
Viktor Jevdokimov
Viktor Jevdokimov Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Giedrius Jocius
Giedrius Jocius Software Engineer
Aurimas Joncius
Aurimas Joncius Software Engineer
Konstantinas Jurgilas
Konstantinas Jurgilas Software Engineer
Ineta Jurkute
Ineta Jurkute Software Engineer
Pijus Kamandulis
Pijus Kamandulis Software Engineer
Tomas Karnisauskas
Tomas Karnisauskas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Povilas Kascionis
Povilas Kascionis Software Engineer
Aidas Kasperavicius
Aidas Kasperavicius Senior Software Engineer
Nerijus Katutis
Nerijus Katutis Senior Software Engineer
Benediktas Kazanavicius
Benediktas Kazanavicius Software Engineer
Vygantas Kazanovas
Vygantas Kazanovas Software Engineer
Mangirdas Kazlauskas
Mangirdas Kazlauskas Software Engineer
Tomas Kazlauskas
Tomas Kazlauskas Junior Software Engineer
Austeja Kazlauskyte
Austeja Kazlauskyte Junior Software Engineer
Ernesta Kebelyte
Ernesta Kebelyte Software Engineer
Gediminas Kersis
Gediminas Kersis Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Brigita Kersyte
Brigita Kersyte Software Engineer
Donatas Kibartas
Donatas Kibartas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Mindaugas Kmita
Mindaugas Kmita Senior Software Engineer
Naglis Kneizys
Naglis Kneizys Software Engineer
Deividas Kovalenkovas
Deividas Kovalenkovas Software Engineer
Mindaugas Krapauskas
Mindaugas Krapauskas Software Architect
Kestutis Kraskauskas
Kestutis Kraskauskas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Tomas Krivousas
Tomas Krivousas Principal Software Engineer and Team Lead
Nerijus Krukauskas
Nerijus Krukauskas Senior DevOps Engineer
Rokas Kuciauskas
Rokas Kuciauskas Senior Software Engineer
Mindaugas Kucinskas
Mindaugas Kucinskas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Simonas Kuprys
Simonas Kuprys Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Laurynas Kuraitis
Laurynas Kuraitis Software Engineer
Gediminas Kurpavicius
Gediminas Kurpavicius Software Engineer
Titas Kurtinaitis
Titas Kurtinaitis Software Engineer
Tadas Kvietkauskas
Tadas Kvietkauskas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Benas Ladzikas
Benas Ladzikas Software Engineer
Rimgaudas Laucius
Rimgaudas Laucius Senior Software Engineer
Albertas Laurinavicius
Albertas Laurinavicius Senior Software Engineer
Karolina Laurinaviciute
Karolina Laurinaviciute Software Engineer
Dovydas Liniovas
Dovydas Liniovas Software Engineer
Laimis Liutkus
Laimis Liutkus Senior Software Engineer
Vaidotas Liutkus
Vaidotas Liutkus Senior Software Engineer
Laimonas Lizdenis
Laimonas Lizdenis Senior Software Engineer
Pranas Lukavicius
Pranas Lukavicius Software Architect
Marius Lukosevicius
Marius Lukosevicius Software Engineer
Dainius Luksa
Dainius Luksa Senior Software Engineer
Rimas Luksys
Rimas Luksys Senior Software Engineer
Lukas Maceina
Lukas Maceina Software Engineer
Marius Malcius
Marius Malcius Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Aurimas Mascinskas
Aurimas Mascinskas Senior Software Engineer
Mantas Masiulis
Mantas Masiulis Software Engineer
Audrunas Matonis
Audrunas Matonis Principal Software Engineer and Team Lead
Zymantas Maumevicius
Zymantas Maumevicius Software Engineer
Algirdas Mazeika
Algirdas Mazeika Software Engineer
Joris Medeisis
Joris Medeisis Junior Software Engineer
Karolis Medeksa
Karolis Medeksa Junior Software Engineer
Audrius Miciulis
Audrius Miciulis Senior Software Engineer
Ernestas Miksa
Ernestas Miksa Senior DevOps Engineer
Simonas Mikulenas
Simonas Mikulenas Solution Architect
Simonas Mikulis
Simonas Mikulis Software Engineer
Tomas Miliauskas
Tomas Miliauskas Software Engineer
Simona Mockute-Kazlauske
Simona Mockute-Kazlauske Senior Software Engineer
Danas Motiejauskas
Danas Motiejauskas Senior Software Engineer
Atreyee Mukhopadhyay
Atreyee Mukhopadhyay Software Engineer
Alvydas Muliuolis
Alvydas Muliuolis Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Mindaugas Murauskas
Mindaugas Murauskas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Artiom Napadiuk
Artiom Napadiuk Senior Software Engineer
Linas Narusevicius
Linas Narusevicius Software Engineer and Team Lead
Mantas Naujokaitis
Mantas Naujokaitis Software Architect
Liutauras Naujokas
Liutauras Naujokas Junior DevOps Engineer
Skirmantas Navickas
Skirmantas Navickas Software Engineer
Tomas Neverdauskas
Tomas Neverdauskas Senior Software Engineer
Deividas Nikliauza
Deividas Nikliauza Software Engineer
Marius Noreikis
Marius Noreikis Software Engineer
Mantvydas Ozerenskis
Mantvydas Ozerenskis Senior Software Engineer
Jurate Pakalnyte
Jurate Pakalnyte Software Engineer
Pavel Panasevic
Pavel Panasevic Software Engineer
Dovile Pankratjevaite
Dovile Pankratjevaite Software Engineer
Ignas Paplauskas
Ignas Paplauskas Software Engineer and Team Lead
Titas Partikas
Titas Partikas Junior Software Engineer
Arunas Paskevicius
Arunas Paskevicius Software Architect
Rimvydas Paskevicius
Rimvydas Paskevicius Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Paulius Plukas
Paulius Plukas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Jelizaveta Potapova
Jelizaveta Potapova Senior Software Engineer
Robert Pozarickij
Robert Pozarickij Senior Software Engineer
Evaldas Pranskunas
Evaldas Pranskunas Senior Software Engineer
Benediktas Prekeris
Benediktas Prekeris Software Engineer
Aleksas Prelgauskis
Aleksas Prelgauskis Software Engineer
Martynas Puskunigis
Martynas Puskunigis DevOps Engineer
Donatas Pusvaskis
Donatas Pusvaskis Senior DevOps Engineer
Greta Pyrantaite
Greta Pyrantaite Junior Software Engineer
Arturas Radzevicius
Arturas Radzevicius Senior DevOps Engineer
Benas Radzevicius
Benas Radzevicius Senior Software Engineer
Justinas Rakita
Justinas Rakita Software Engineer
Marius Rastenis
Marius Rastenis Senior Software Engineer
Aurimas Rimkevicius
Aurimas Rimkevicius Software Engineer
Deivydas Rizgelis
Deivydas Rizgelis Software Engineer
Sarunas Rucinskas
Sarunas Rucinskas Software Engineer
Deividas Ruzgys
Deividas Ruzgys Information Security Analyst
Kristupas Rybakovas
Kristupas Rybakovas Senior Software Engineer
Marius Rybelis
Marius Rybelis Principal Software Engineer and Team Lead
Jaroslav Rynkevic
Jaroslav Rynkevic Software Engineer
Domantas Sabaliauskas
Domantas Sabaliauskas Junior Software Engineer
Paulius Sabeckis
Paulius Sabeckis Software Architect
Andrius Sabrauskas
Andrius Sabrauskas Senior Software Engineer
Rolandas Satkus
Rolandas Satkus Software Engineer
Sarunas Savicius
Sarunas Savicius Senior Software Engineer
Vaidas Semenas
Vaidas Semenas Principal Software Engineer
Evgenijus Semionovas
Evgenijus Semionovas Senior Software Engineer
Martynas Sidaras
Martynas Sidaras Senior Software Engineer
Arunas Silanskas
Arunas Silanskas Senior DevOps Engineer
Valdemar Silcenko
Valdemar Silcenko Senior Software Engineer
Aurimas Simaitis
Aurimas Simaitis Junior Software Engineer
Justas Simanavicius
Justas Simanavicius Junior Software Engineer
Osvaldas Skurvydas
Osvaldas Skurvydas Senior Software Engineer
Matas Speicys
Matas Speicys Junior Software Engineer
Andrius Steikunas
Andrius Steikunas Software Engineer
Linas Steponavicius
Linas Steponavicius Junior Software Engineer
Justinas Straksys
Justinas Straksys Senior Software Engineer
Ovidijus Stukas
Ovidijus Stukas Senior Software Engineer
Aleksandr Suchovarov
Aleksandr Suchovarov Senior Software Engineer
Gintaras Svaras
Gintaras Svaras Software Engineer
Andrius Tamasauskas
Andrius Tamasauskas Senior Software Engineer
Virginijus Tamkutonis
Virginijus Tamkutonis Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Danas Tarnauskas
Danas Tarnauskas Software Engineer
Vidas Timukas
Vidas Timukas Senior Software Engineer
Tomas Tumelionis
Tomas Tumelionis Software Engineer
Rutenis Turcinas
Rutenis Turcinas Software Architect
Justas Urbonas
Justas Urbonas Junior Software Engineer
Manvydas Urniezius
Manvydas Urniezius Software Engineer
Mazvydas Vaicekauskas
Mazvydas Vaicekauskas Software Engineer
Saulius Vaiksnys
Saulius Vaiksnys Software Engineer
Tadas Vaitkevicius
Tadas Vaitkevicius Senior Software Engineer
Tautvydas Valasinas
Tautvydas Valasinas Software Engineer
Tomas Valiunas
Tomas Valiunas Software Engineer
Andrius Varanavicius
Andrius Varanavicius Senior Software Engineer
Dovydas Venckus
Dovydas Venckus Software Engineer
Martinas Venskaitis
Martinas Venskaitis Software Engineer
Juozas Venskutonis
Juozas Venskutonis Software Engineer
Nerijus Vilunas
Nerijus Vilunas Senior Software Engineer
Saulius Vingilis
Saulius Vingilis Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Justinas Virsilas
Justinas Virsilas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Arturas Vitkauskas
Arturas Vitkauskas Internal Tools Squad Lead
Kasparas Zajankauskas
Kasparas Zajankauskas Software Engineer
Oleg Zajonckovskij
Oleg Zajonckovskij Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Deividas Zaleskis
Deividas Zaleskis Junior Software Engineer
Tadas Zaliauskas
Tadas Zaliauskas Junior Software Engineer
Mindaugas Zaluba
Mindaugas Zaluba Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Simonas Zaronskis
Simonas Zaronskis Software Engineer
Marius Zekas
Marius Zekas Software Engineer
Tomas Zekonis
Tomas Zekonis Software Architect
Evaldas Zimnickas
Evaldas Zimnickas Senior Software Engineer
Linas Ziogas
Linas Ziogas Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Front-end Engineering


Audre Bartaseviciute
Audre Bartaseviciute Junior Test Engineer
Aleksandrs Behaks
Aleksandrs Behaks Test Engineer
Ieva Berankiene
Ieva Berankiene Test Engineer
Svetlana Bielskaja
Svetlana Bielskaja Test Engineer
Rita Birgiel
Rita Birgiel Test Engineer
Deimante Boreisaite
Deimante Boreisaite Test Engineer
Daiva Brazukaite
Daiva Brazukaite Senior Test Engineer
Igor Buckovskij
Igor Buckovskij Test Engineer
Rolandas Budrikis
Rolandas Budrikis Test Engineer
Egidijus Bumblauskas
Egidijus Bumblauskas Test Engineer
Berta Reja Butvilaite
Berta Reja Butvilaite Test Engineer
Ilona Ceginskaite
Ilona Ceginskaite Test Engineer
Beatrice Ceplaite
Beatrice Ceplaite Junior Test Engineer
Indre Cepurniene
Indre Cepurniene Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead
Jelena Cernysova
Jelena Cernysova Test Engineer
Agne Ciurinskaite-Gruodiene
Agne Ciurinskaite-Gruodiene Junior Test Engineer
Edita Dabrisiute
Edita Dabrisiute Junior Test Engineer
Marius Danauskas
Marius Danauskas Test Engineer
Agne Danyte
Agne Danyte Junior Test Engineer
Lukas Dvarionis
Lukas Dvarionis Test Engineer
Taura Frezdorfaite
Taura Frezdorfaite Test Engineer
Agne Gapseviciute
Agne Gapseviciute Test Engineer
Skaiste Geceviciene
Skaiste Geceviciene Junior Test Engineer
Indre Gegeckaite
Indre Gegeckaite Junior Test Engineer
Benediktas Gilis
Benediktas Gilis Junior Test Engineer
Ruta Guobiene
Ruta Guobiene Test Engineer
Titas Gurskis
Titas Gurskis Junior Test Engineer
Aliona Ikonnikova
Aliona Ikonnikova Junior Test Engineer
Rugile Inciuraite
Rugile Inciuraite Test Engineer
Aurelijus Ivanauskas
Aurelijus Ivanauskas Senior Test Engineer
Laura Jankauske
Laura Jankauske Test Engineer
Vitalij Janukevic
Vitalij Janukevic Junior Test Engineer
Akvile Jarmalaviciute
Akvile Jarmalaviciute Test Engineer
Agota Juskeniene
Agota Juskeniene Junior Test Engineer
Vladas Kabasinskas
Vladas Kabasinskas Junior Test Engineer
Birute Kapusinskiene
Birute Kapusinskiene Lead Test Engineer
Bernardas Kukulskis
Bernardas Kukulskis Junior Test Engineer
Gediminas Kvedaravicius
Gediminas Kvedaravicius Test Engineer
Edvinas Kveselys
Edvinas Kveselys Junior Test Engineer
Justas Lauzadis
Justas Lauzadis Lead Test Engineer and Team Lead
Rimgaile Lauzadyte
Rimgaile Lauzadyte Test Engineer
Renata Liashuk
Renata Liashuk Test Engineer
Vilma Lukoseviciene
Vilma Lukoseviciene Lead Test Engineer and Team Lead
Martynas Luneckas
Martynas Luneckas Lead Test Engineer
Vaidas Maciulis
Vaidas Maciulis Lead Test Engineer
Eimantas Macius
Eimantas Macius Test Engineer
Jevgenijus Marinuskinas
Jevgenijus Marinuskinas Test Engineer
Dovile Martinkute
Dovile Martinkute Junior Test Engineer
Roberta Milasauskaite
Roberta Milasauskaite Test Engineer
Jovita Morkune
Jovita Morkune Junior Test Engineer
Povilas Motuza
Povilas Motuza Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead
Mantas Naktinis
Mantas Naktinis Lead Test Engineer and Team Lead
Jurij Nesvat
Jurij Nesvat Senior Test Engineer
Juste Petkeviciene
Juste Petkeviciene Test Engineer
Linas Petrikas
Linas Petrikas Senior Test Engineer
Lina Piatikone
Lina Piatikone Senior Test Engineer
Andrius Pitrenas
Andrius Pitrenas Test Engineer
Dominykas Poskus
Dominykas Poskus Junior Test Engineer
Ugne Puskunigyte
Ugne Puskunigyte Junior Test Engineer
Ieva Radaviciute
Ieva Radaviciute Junior Test Engineer
Modestas Rimkus
Modestas Rimkus Test Engineer
Jelena Rybakova
Jelena Rybakova Senior Test Engineer
Arturas Sadranskas
Arturas Sadranskas Test Engineer
Deividas Setkus
Deividas Setkus Test Engineer
Ricardas Simcikas
Ricardas Simcikas Junior Test Engineer
Romas Sirutavicius
Romas Sirutavicius Senior Test Engineer
Rasa Siuipyte
Rasa Siuipyte Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead
Michail Stachovski
Michail Stachovski Senior Test Engineer
Ausra Tuinaite
Ausra Tuinaite Test Engineer
Tadas Valutis
Tadas Valutis Test Engineer
Deividas Vaskevicius
Deividas Vaskevicius Test Engineer
Lina Vegiene
Lina Vegiene Lead Test Engineer and Team Lead
Inga Visgaudaite
Inga Visgaudaite Test Engineer
Raminta Zapolske
Raminta Zapolske Senior Test Engineer
Ernestas Zekas
Ernestas Zekas Test Engineer
Arunas Zygis
Arunas Zygis Test Engineer

Account Executives



Arvydas Adomavicius
Arvydas Adomavicius Office Infrastructure Manager
Sigita Bakutyte
Sigita Bakutyte Head of Accounting
Neringa Bereisyte
Neringa Bereisyte Operations Manager
Raimonda Blistiviene
Raimonda Blistiviene Talent Acquisition Lead
Jolita Budriene
Jolita Budriene Talent Acquisition Partner
Aurelija Cetvergaite
Aurelija Cetvergaite Senior Accountant
Marius Damijonaitis
Marius Damijonaitis Director of Operations
Gintare Dzindzeletaite
Gintare Dzindzeletaite Social Project Manager
Dalia Greibuviene
Dalia Greibuviene Office Coordinator
Milda Gurgzde
Milda Gurgzde Operations Manager
Aiste Ivoskeviciute
Aiste Ivoskeviciute Talent Acquisition Partner
Gintare Juskaite-Olechnovic
Gintare Juskaite-Olechnovic Talent Acquisition Partner
Alexandra Kadlec
Alexandra Kadlec Talent Acquisition Partner
Aiste Kairiene
Aiste Kairiene Talent Acquisition Lead
Saulius Kibilda
Saulius Kibilda Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist
Radvile Linksmuole
Radvile Linksmuole Digital Media Specialist
Robertas Makauskas
Robertas Makauskas Finance Analyst
Monika Matuliene
Monika Matuliene Talent Acquisition Partner
Irma Mitre
Irma Mitre Talent Acquisition Partner
Monika Padvaiskiene
Monika Padvaiskiene Finance Controller
Lina Pakalkaite
Lina Pakalkaite HR Business Partner
Indre Petrosiene
Indre Petrosiene Junior Accountant
Rasa Petruskeviciute
Rasa Petruskeviciute Director, Communications
Dalia Petuskiene
Dalia Petuskiene Communication Project Manager
Eesha Phakey
Eesha Phakey HR Generalist & Recruitment Lead
Tomas Sabonis
Tomas Sabonis Production Data Analyst
Renata Sakalauskiene
Renata Sakalauskiene Senior Accountant
Kasparas Smaliukas
Kasparas Smaliukas Senior Financial Analyst
Justinas Stankevicius
Justinas Stankevicius Junior IT Infrastructure Specialist
Eimontas Svabas
Eimontas Svabas Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist
Violeta Vaitkeviciene
Violeta Vaitkeviciene Office Maintenance
Inga Vanagas
Inga Vanagas Office Administrator
Amber Wilkinson
Amber Wilkinson Accountant
Karolina Zaldaryte
Karolina Zaldaryte Office Coordinator
Lina Zebrauskiene
Lina Zebrauskiene HR Business Partner
Megan Zeeck
Megan Zeeck HR Business Partner