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Actionable product metrics for digital transformation

Experience Devbridge Apollo, a custom toolkit built to eliminate ambiguity, reward transparent teams, and disrupt the status quo of product delivery.

Transformation is not comfortable.

A walled-off organizational structure incentivizes defensive behavior, promoting self-preservation over performance. A transformation leader can’t easily understand which team members are embracing change. Delivery is slow, outcomes unpredictable.

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Defensive planning

The waterfall delivery model incentivizes defensive planning inside IT. Padded budgets reduce the perceived risk of missing delivery.

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Unpredictable delivery

Lack of transparency and accountability result in project plans stuck at 66% for months on end. Projects turn red after funds are exhausted.

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Legacy workflow

Waterfall funding, planning, and delivery result in subpar products that miss the customer experience mark due to a lack of ongoing learning.

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Obfuscated bottlenecks

Urgency is not incentivized, transparency of team and individual contributor dependencies does not exist. Corrective action is impossible.

Go from a 30,000 foot view to individual time entry.

We built Devbridge Apollo to help our clients (and ourselves) adopt Agile at scale with transparent reporting and explicit KPIs.

This proprietary application allows our clients to manage their entire product portfolio, delivery vendors, and internal teams through a single application. Our tailor-made approach to reporting will surface the stats that help your teams ship faster.

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Metrics that change behavior

Transparency leads to accountability, accountability to individuals and teams taking ownership of outcomes. Devbridge Apollo connects your data to your KPIs, giving teammates and stakeholders access to simplified, transparent, actionable project health reporting.

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Health status at a glance

Gain a comprehensive, organization-wide view into all aspects of your Agile transformation from budgeting to utilization to spend.

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Metrics that matter to you

Increase relevancy by tracking customizable metrics most applicable to the product built and the team’s working norms with up to 30 KPI’s.

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Predictable delivery teams

Transparent reporting of time entries, rolling velocity, and burn-up charts clearly call out teams that deliver predictably.

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Reduced risk

Real-time reporting gives early-warnings and uncovers new opportunities enabling teams to make informed, and at times, hard decisions.

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Agile at scale

Incentivize teams to iteratively improve through retrospectives, demos, and other rituals, holding each other accountable for delivering results.

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Shipping faster

React to aggregated agile metrics across the enterprise and help teams ship to market on time.

“Devbridge Apollo is a swiss-army knife for managing digital transformation and agile portfolios at scale.”


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