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Effective prototyping in software delivery

Prototyping helps bring risk forward and can fend off new technical debt. Whether teams are engaging in technical prototypes of functionality or rapid prototypes of features and ideas, these efforts bring context and clarity to the forefront of delivery efforts.

Developing a learn, build, measure approach

Prototyping is a key part of an effective iterative software delivery approach. It allows teams to quickly vet new ideas with minimal investment, mitigating risk and keeping the focus on taking a meaningful product to market.

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Prototype to understand an effective approach

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Use technical spikes to validate functionality

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Set clear goals to focus prototyping efforts

Focus delivery efforts with prototyping

Whether the requirements are unclear because of shifting priority, uncertain technical implementation, or overall complexity in the problem, prototyping efforts provide a clearer path forward for teams to develop functional software.

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Define your prototyping experiment

Set clear goals and objectives for every prototyping effort, and agree on the amount of time and energy it is worth. At Devbridge every experiment we execute has a clear hypothesis that is being tested and criteria for evaluation.

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Rapid prototyping validates new ideas

Creating multiple prototypes in a short period of time allows teams to work through multiple product directions, sometimes without writing a line of code. Each approach may have its own risks and rewards. Rather than constraining that conversation to the theoretical, rapid prototypes put those concepts in the hands of users for quick feedback and decision making.

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Understand requirements, mitigate risk

At the core of every prototyping effort is a desire to better understand the problem space, and better understand the risk associated with a particular approach. By breaking down complexities early, teams address risks before they become product-threatening problems. Teams build a shared understanding of the approach that drives better individual decision-making across all roles.

From a pilot product to a digital transformation

A Lean Requirements workshop will lead to quick wins, getting working products in the hands of your users fast. Leverage the momentum to rationalize long term strategic change in people, process, and tooling at the enterprise.

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