Data strategy and intelligence

Avoid information silos and navigate with confidence through your data lake. Let a single source of truth be a timely guide for your business decisions.

Advance beyond the ETL.

Your organization crunches more raw data than ever before. Traditional IT systems that are backed by relational databases were gradually augmented with NoSQL-based solutions, data streaming, and raw machine data. As data becomes abundant, the strategy shifts towards the ability to store and use. Without proper planning and implementation, additional raw data does not lead to insights. On the contrary, correlation and causation between data obesity and information oblivion is sadly proven practically. A shift in data handling strategy needs to be made to maintain agility and data decoupling.

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Achieve near real-time reporting and visualization using data streaming.

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Over 80 percent of data science effort is spent on plumbing between data silos, a leaner way exists.

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Nimble provisioning through self-service DevOps enables access to the source of truth.

Asset manager establishes data masters using microservices in 3 months

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ML and big data for better pricing at a 3PL

Case study: LoadDelivered

Data-informed decisions deliver measurable results.

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Less plumbing, more insight

A company will spend 60-80 percent of all data science budget on plumbing, cleansing, orchestration, and monitoring, with only a fraction left to build actual data models and finally enhance business decisions. Devbridge brings expertise in master data solutions, designing data ingestion and processing flows, visualizing result data, and performing deployment and monitoring. You can focus on AI/ML components that are, undeniably, the most valuable IP that drives business value.

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Starting small, delivering fast, unlocking potential

Lengthy data warehouse application projects utilizing enterprise canonical data models go against our Agile and DevOps fundamentals. Instead, start with an independent data mart, derived from a selected business application. Establish near real-time reporting, dashboards, and alerting. Build efficient data pipes and dedicated search-optimized databases to normalize resource usage of client-facing applications. Push main business events to a data streaming platform and receive real-time alerts based on lightweight business rules.

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An unbiased approach to data modeling

Being an independent technology partner, Devbridge is unbiased in the selection of cloud-based providers, data storage technologies, or desktop visualization tools. Having analyzed individual requirements, restrictions, and future capabilities, we offer a technical solution that ranges from pay-as-you-go publish-subscribe apps on the cloud to on-premise, high-load, containerized, processing powerhouses with Apache Kafka.

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Product-centric funding

How to configure the product development funding process to incentivize measurable product outcomes