Legacy system modernization

Refactoring aging enterprise software is challenging due to embedded business logic, legacy infrastructure, and tight coupling. Our methodology turns risks into revenue opportunities for a nimbler enterprise.

Monolithic applications block progress, automation, and introduce security risks.

Legacy enterprise applications are running on infrastructure that does not support automation. Mounting technical debt makes even the smallest release a significant hurdle that takes four times longer to go to market. Lack of CI/CD and automated testing leads to exorbitant support costs and systems prone to security vulnerabilities. Signs it's time to modernize:

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The legacy application is expensive to support, maintain, and use.

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Mounting technical debt halts all progress and requires monumental effort for minimal return.

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Business is unable to keep up with customer needs, the experience and returns suffer.

Migrating multiple legacy systems into single, intuitive, user-focused platform

Case study

Automated shift assignments for doctors and nurses during a healthcare crisis

Case study

Rip off the Band-Aid. Heal the root cause.

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Technical discovery and definition establishes a manageable roadmap.

One size does not fit all. Technical feasibility and discovery inform teams on how to approach the modernization effort. The process will define steps necessary to start development and assess risks associated with the state of code base.

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We prioritize working software over feature parity.

We deploy working software fast to discover actual, unbiased business use cases, build alignment with stakeholders, and inform overall roadmap with product metrics.

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Map how software caters to the business, not the other way around.

Legacy systems force the business to invent processes to work around the limitations of outdated technology. We don’t take feature parity at face value. We work with all facets of the business to build modernized applications that enable outcomes over activity.

White paper

Legacy software modernization

A practical guide for enterprises looking to transform outdated applications and face legacy system issues head-on