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Great digital products lead with metrics

Strategically adopting analytics will help steer your roadmap toward the best investments for the user and the business.

Measurement demonstrates progress.

The value of product analytics is fully realized when data is used to inform delivery decisions. Good practice will add contrast and remove the risk of internal bias while uncovering new ways to provide value to the user and the business.

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Identify the measurable moments for users, delivery teams, and performance.

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Share transparently across teams and set up actionable decision points.

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Focus on meaningful, measurable outcomes and data-informed decisioning.

Build sustainable software with product metrics.

Great metrics provide a point of comparison for the business and become behavior-changing in how decisions are made. Organizational adoption of metrics provides a common measurement across teams and initiatives to drive larger portfolio decisions.


Integrate product metrics early.

The effort is minimal when baked into existing workflows. Like internationalization and accessibility, metrics are best incorporated alongside functional work rather than being layered in at the end. This also allows early releases to return and realize data quickly.

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Establish a strong framework.

Identifying and building a product metrics strategy requires understanding the desired outcome. They become a common language between the product team and the business to drive decision making. It avoids blame culture and focuses on the outcome the product generates for the business.

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Tie investment to measurement.

While the new and shiny opportunities may seem like attractive investment opportunities, they can quickly become bottomless pits that consume budget without results. By using specific, measurable, and achievable metrics to drive investment, the business can provide teams with greater trust to execute and maintain visibility and confidence in what is being delivered.

Tactics for data-informed product delivery

Tactics for data-informed product delivery

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Actionable product metrics for digital transformation

Actionable product metrics for digital transformation

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Go beyond velocity with advanced product metrics

Configuring a comprehensive framework of metrics that drive results

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