Robotic workflow automation

Machine learning, automated decisioning, and workflow management augment and dramatically increase the throughput of your knowledge to workers.

Disjointed apps and data re-keying
kill productivity.

Due to legacy purchasing decisions and accumulating product debt, critical services performed at organizations rely on applications that are stitched together with duct tape. Data is often transformed through lengthy batch jobs or re-keyed in worst-case scenarios. Throughput is low, the error rate is high, and onboarding new hires is difficult.

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Disjointed legacy applications require the business to retrofit to software.

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User error is introduced through data reentry, creating a cumbersome experience.

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Support and quality costs are high. The business is slow to adapt to change.

A digital customer lifecycle for Louis Dreyfus Company

Case study

Automated loan decisioning at Wells Fargo

Case study

Reduce churn. Enable the creative.

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Service design helps the business identify gaps and opportunities.

Service design is a methodology for mapping the full lifecycle of a particular service provided by the business. The blueprint produced in this workshop identifies all touchpoints of the customer, as well as all impacted processes and departments in the business. Pain points, inefficiencies, and opportunities are identified, and a starting point for workflow automation is chosen.

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Design research provides answers. User testing refines outcomes.

Software should not be built in isolation. Stakeholders, users, and customers should be observed, included, and exposed to working software. Bias should be removed through user observation and testing. Often, what one wants is not necessarily what they need to reach the desired outcome.

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Build software to strengthen the competitive advantage, not retrofit the business to the software.

We establish product goals and analytics from day one of the engagement. Goals for workflow automation should be specific, measurable, and achievable. Productivity impact is gauged through the lifecycle of iterative delivery.

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The build vs. buy guide

Determine when to build bespoke, buy off-the-shelf, or customize licensed products.