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Shifting the enterprise to be product-centric

Pioneer an organizational shift to be product-centric and maximize ROI from technology. Establish the culture, process, and tooling for a nimble response to market.

Establishing a software engineering practice

A mature engineering organization requires a set of sub-disciplines that enable agile teams to perform at maximum capacity. These disciplines are product design, product management, DevOps, data design, testing strategy, security, code quality, source control, scalability, performance, and monitoring.

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A mature engineering practice will produce evergreen software.

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Automation through DevOps will lower maintenance costs and decrease defects.

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The organization will be able to predictably respond to market needs with bespoke software.

Tier 1 Canadian bank embracing agile and DevOps, achieving market release in six months

Tier 1 Canadian bank embracing agile and DevOps, achieving market release in six months

Case study
Fueling digital transformation at Grainger

Fueling digital transformation at Grainger

Case study

Cross-functional, scalable, stack agnostic delivery teams

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Organizational structure implying system design

Devbridge facilitates organizational change for the enterprise to adopt the product mindset. In lieu of siloed business and technology groups, we build cross-functional product teams under the guidance of a Chief Product Officer.

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Product-centric funding

Advanced funding models allow companies to maximize the value of agile while maintaining predictable delivery and outcomes from investment.

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Infrastructure as code and continuous delivery

A mature infrastructure is necessary to transform into a product org. Without it, progress is hindered by unpredictable environments, slow deployments, and manual provisioning requests.

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Tailored enterprise product training, proven methodology

Great products are not built in a vacuum. They are influenced by user research data and defined in a collaborative workshop between domain experts and a cross-functional product team. Our training program tracks split to enable leaders and front-line teams. We educate teams about product management, product design, as well as engineering maturity.

The tools, infrastructure, and process of distributed teams

The tools, infrastructure, and process of distributed teams

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Go beyond velocity with advanced product metrics

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The Secret Source: The culture, skills, and process to make great digital products

This book was written to help our team and clients build mission-critical applications faster. The book offers a transparent look at the full product lifecycle at Devbridge. It details our methodology, tools, and best practices that enable our teams to ship product fast.

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