Build a winning testing strategy

A mature approach to testing paired with a commitment to quality standards enables our digital product teams to make data-informed investments, effectively distribute effort, and speed up delivery at scale.

Successful digital products are built on mature testing strategies.

Our working teams agree on a testing strategy upfront to provide clear goals, collectively uncover possible risks, and minimize the need for rework during the engagement.

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Clarify the goal and scope of the engagement with a cross-functional team.

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Require varied types of testing activities be tied to the success criteria and performance metrics of the product build.

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Set both short- and long-term strategies to support the lifespan of the product.

A strategic approach to testing with iterative, scalable implementation

Understanding the requirements and having a vision for a testing strategy during early-stage development sets your product up for success at scale.

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Define scope and build alignment early on.

Avoid rework and redesign by taking an informed approach to testing strategy from the start. We build alignment on business outcomes, scope, and performance metrics with our Lean Requirements workshop.

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Test elements critical to product success.

Applications supporting a single user or thousands of concurrent users are architecturally different. They require a different level of performance testing to validate such variance. Tailored test strategies can uncover weaknesses, new opportunities, and help refine success criteria for the product.

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Support the life span of the application.

A proof of concept application may not require any test or infrastructure automation, but for deployment to production, automation is critical. Taking a mature approach to testing strategy in the early stages of development will empower teams to ship faster with continuous deployment at scale.

The Secret Source

Chapter 10: Delivery methodology

The Secret Source is a resource for our clients and employees to help build mission-critical applications faster.

This book offers a transparent look at the full product lifecycle at Devbridge. It details our methodology, tools, and best practices that enable our teams to ship product faster.

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