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There are four disciplines available: for developers, testers and kids. Academies are taking place in Devbridge Lithuanian offices. Students, who are willing to join developers, testers or Front-End academies, need to pass the test, prove their best to get an invitation to enroll. This rule doesn't apply to the kids (7 to 12 years old) academy, the admission is limited only by available number of entries.

  • Academy for Developers

    A free of charge three-month cutting-edge technology course, available in the Spring and Fall of each year. Students are invited to the Devbridge in Kaunas and Vilnius offices to attend lectures and create custom projects with the help of software development professionals.

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  • Academy for Testers

    Top-notch studies for the future Test Engineers. Students join the Devbridge team as a paid employee for the Academy period (two months) to learn and work. Ones who finish the Academy successfully are invited to continue employment on full time.

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  • Academy for Front-End

    Start your career in software development with the intense program at Sourcery for Front-End Developers. Complete the admission and enter our free of charge two-month academy this autumn in Vilnius to learn from our top specialists.

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  • Academy for Kids

    Sourcery for Kids seeks to inspire and educate the kids giving them the opportunity to learn and apply technological product development skills. For the entire academic year, the children will study key aspects of programming, from logical concepts and functions, through to variables, sequences, coordinates, and movement. And just as importantly, they will learn how to apply them in practical projects.

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