Sourcery for Testers: Performance testing

Performance testing lecture will cover how to address the performance testing of user-centric web applications in multiple layers.


Please install in advance:
Each of the participants will be using a separate environment for workshop performance testing activities - OWASP Juice Shop deployed on Heroku.

Topic summaries

PART 1: Performance testing overview

  • What causes performance regression/bad performance?
  • High-level user-centric metrics
  • RAIL performance model
  • Performance saving design patterns (front-end and computing)
  • Optimistic UI
  • Animation cost to user-centric performance
  • Usage of Idle time
  • Testing Client-side vs. Server-side performance separately

PART 2: Hands-on client-side testing

  • Lighthouse audit
  • Network and CPU throttling
  • Web app performance profiling
  • Testing for Resources Race Condition
  • Testing the Animations

PART 3: Server-side testing overview

  • Server-side performance testing types
  • Importance of realistic test design
  • Infrastructure related performance issues
  • Prevention

PART 4: Hands-on server-side testing + extra resources