A 30,000-word view of how Devbridge works.

The Secret Source book covers the culture, tools, and process we use to deliver digital products and transformations.

A textbook approach to a product-centric mindset

This book offers guidance for CPO and CIO’s activating digital transformations, in-house teams saddled with product debt and legacy systems, it's for every product manager, product designer, or engineer looking to improve delivery with a proven methodology. It’s not theoretical. It’s tactical. It's how we do it at Devbridge.

icon Strategy

Avoid common pitfalls of Agile adoption.

icon Cross functional teams

Integrate disciplines of engineering, design, and product.

Scaling product delivery teams icon

Structure incentives and metrics to empower teams to deliver outcomes vs. activity.

icon Transparency

Identify the right product to build and then build it quickly.

The process and tooling necessary to become a truly product-centric organization will only work if the system in which professionals work will embody supporting values such as trust, transparency, and ownership.

Aurimas Adomavicius

President and co-founder of Devbridge

The Secret Source

This book covers the entire lifecycle of product development at Devbridge. It details how we successfully build digital products on a foundation of healthy metrics, delivery process, and technical maturity.


The Secret Source: The culture, skills, and process to make great digital products

This book was written to help our team and clients build mission-critical applications faster. The book offers a transparent look at the full product lifecycle at Devbridge. It details our methodology, tools, and best practices that enable our teams to ship product fast.

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