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Devbridge Apollo:
The product management toolset for digital pioneers

Allocating teams, tracking time, diagnosing inefficiencies, and maximizing throughput for at-scale digital product teams

Role of tools in a product organization

The path to becoming product-centric

Product-centric organizations innovate faster, invest smarter, and demonstrate higher levels of engagement and productivity. Using established processes, practices, and bespoke tooling, Devbridge offers an evergreen product development framework for high output teams.

Product-centric pyramid v1

Devbridge Apollo

A bespoke suite of product management tools built by and for leading digital product companies that pursue an edge in productivity

Icon - Apollo Plan

Apollo Plan

Forecast resource needs. Maximize utilization by precisely allocating staff based on availability and skillset. Monitor product investment.

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Apollo Crew

Plan for hiring needs and monitor career advancement, promotions, and professional development supporting intelligent workers.

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Apollo Command

Deliver on time, reduce risks, report product status transparently, intercept product issues, and align executives with product teams.

Icon - Apollo Time

Apollo Time

Track time effectively, refine estimate accuracy, identify outliers, and improve Agile process adoption.

Icon - Apollo Signal

Apollo Signal

Communicate values, goals, product progress, and utilization targets through a multi-platform app.

How the tools work together

Learn how the product lifecycle management system provides a framework of metrics, accountability, and transparency. Effective adoption of the product tools lowers underutilization, maximizes engagement, and promotes outcomes overactivity.

Getting started

Change starts with demonstrated wins. Adopting a predefined framework is much easier when designated evangelists have already experienced the benefits firsthand.

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Rapid diagnosis

3-6 week discovery that defines business outcomes resulting from digital transformation: change for people, process, and tooling

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Maturity score

Review of org maturity in relation to the product scorecard: maturity in product design, product management, and technology

icon Strategy

Adoption playbook

Creating a customized playbook that allows the champion to demonstrate quick wins to the organization and build momentum for adoption

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Quick wins

Rapid response to an opportunity with a dedicated cross-functional product team that pilots the organizational transformation effort