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We help financial services companies in Toronto embrace enterprise mobility
by designing result-oriented customer experiences across leading mobile platforms.

We partner with Tier 1 banks and Fortune 1000 enterprises to develop custom software that leverages an Agile approach to quickly deliver products to market.

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Should you build native apps or use a cross-platform approach? Where is the data coming from and do we need to think about the messaging layer? Do we need offline functionality and geo-tracking? We work with your stakeholders and ask the important questions that define the delivery strategy for your innovative mobile products.

Mobile banking applications

We designed and launched a new mobile product for a Tier 1 bank in Canada in under six months. This solution includes mobile banking applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry and is built using a combination of responsive web design and native app wrappers.

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Online banking portals

We enable Tier 1 banks to leverage Continuous Delivery and consistently ship innovative web and mobile banking application experiences across the globe. Our approach separates the industrialized core and the consumer facing products, allowing for an accelerated time-to-market with products that deliver more value without compromising security or quality.

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Training and education apps

We worked with Chicago Mercantile Exchange to build a futures trading education platform on iOS. The mobile application allows budding traiders to monitor the futures markets as well as stream media to their mobile devices.

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Responsive web design and cross-platform strategies

An alternative to native development is to use Responsive Web Design or cross-platform technologies. RWD dynamically sizes the browser viewport to match the size of the device being used. This approach is great for applications that don’t necessarily need native functionality of mobile devices.

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Our solutions include native development, cross-platform implementations using industry leading toolkits (React Native, Xamarin, Worklight, Cordova), as well as full stack implementation of digital products that span the web, service-based architecture, and mobile endpoints.

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As an organization, and the process we use. Lean requirements is an innovative, iterative approach for engaging stakeholders and collecting requirements. At a fraction of the time.

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The only way to successfully design and build complex applications. An iterative approach that enables stakeholders and customers to interact with what is being built. Every two weeks.

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Two parallel tracks throughout the project. First track - discovery and design. Second track - implementation. Concurrently helping the team deliver exactly what the customer needs.

By combining lean requirements, Dual-track Scrum, and cross-functional teams, we are able to deliver complicated enterprise applications to market in record time.