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Webinar and live Q&A session: How companies can drive competitive advantage by adopting a voice-first approach to design and engineering

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Voice-first design and engineering: Join us Oct. 17 for a live webinar and Q&A session

Voice assistants can no longer be dismissed as a peripheral option or down-the-line discussion topic. Voice enablement is everywhere—from mobile devices and smart TVs to cars and refrigerators. As a result, voice assistants are quickly becoming the preferred way to interact with any device or application. That trend will only continue: According to some estimates, 50 percent of web-search queries in the U.S. will be voice generated by the year 2020.

So how do organizations shift to a voice-first approach to designing and engineering? This fall, we’re hosting a webinar and Q&A session, where we’ll dive into the following:

  • How a voice user interface (VUI) works
  • The current voice-first landscape and how it's laying the foundation for voice interface engineering
  • Where to begin your voice-first assessment. Do your applications rely on search capabilities? Do users engage with it on the go?
  • What a “voice skill” is and how to build one

We’ll also show you how Devbridge has leveraged VUI technology to extend the capabilities of our PowerUp app.

Event details:

What: "Voice-first application design and engineering," a Devbridge webinar and Q&A

When: October 17, 10 a.m. CDT

Who: The webinar will be hosted by Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge president; Ed Price, director of compliance; and Chris Wilkinson, director of product design. The trio recently authored, "Voice-first application design: How organizations can design for the voice-first era using a practical engineering approach," a white paper detailing the voice landscape and how organizations can adopt VUI-first practices. (Learn more at

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