Go beyond velocity with advanced product metrics 

Configuring a comprehensive framework of metrics that drive results

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Process metrics: Determine product & technical maturity

The last set of metrics measures the maturity of practices in a product organization. Fortune enterprises don’t transform into product-centric organizations overnight. Even new greenfield product ventures make compromises to ship to market faster. As an organization converts the portfolio, leverage product and engineering best practices, which include tracking quantitative data on a per-product basis and documenting progress over time. Understanding where an application and corresponding teams sit on the maturity scale helps product leaders identify elements needing attention and products carrying the highest risk. 

Large enterprise programs and small greenfield builds benefit from a maturity score. Technical and product debt accumulates even when taking precautions.

The maturity score measures percentages across two domains:

  1. Product management and design

  2. Engineering

The specific weighting assigned to a condition is outside the scope of this paper. These attributes tend to be unique to a given organization and its products.

Product management & design maturity conditions

Product managers and designers are two key roles in product teams. Subsequently, evaluate the efficacy of various product management and design activities. Measure adoption and execution best practices (e.g., product canvas, user research, workshop participation, stakeholder commitment to rituals, and healthy team allocation). Track team allocation, activities during the workshop, kickoff of the project, and delivery rituals.

Engineering maturity conditions

Like product managers and designers, engineers play a key role in building products. There are standard engineering competencies and best practices that each software project should observe to some degree to inform behaviors—good or bad—for the future of the product and organization. Measure the adoption of technical best practices like CI/CD, code quality, security, performance, monitoring, and technical debt). Track DevOps, testing, technical maturity, coding standards, security, accessibility, and monitoring.

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