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Advancing from continuous delivery to continuous deployment

How to enhance a CI/CD pipeline to deploy faster and get better results

Avoid the risk of human error using a CI/CD pipeline.

CI/CD has become an integral component of modern agile development. Continuous integration (CI) orchestrates multiple submissions of working code from one or more teams, paired with continuous delivery (CD) that automatically collates, packages, and deploys changes into testing and production environments for imminent release to customers. However, human intervention is necessary to update the production environment with the latest changes, which presents risk.

Continuous deployment (also CD) is an extension of a product pipeline where each quality-verified change automatically moves to the operational environment without any human intervention, offering the highest degree of automation. Only the occurrence of a test failure stops a change from reaching production. In short, continuous deployment replaces human safeguards with automatic testing for defective code and real-time monitoring of the production.

Deploy faster and better.

The goals and corresponding rewards of a solid CI/CD pipeline are the same for all teams.

  • Increase efficiency.

  • Release automatically.

  • Deploy code fast.

  • Reduce cost.

  • Improve quality.

  • Mitigate risk.

  • Embrace iteration and information sharing.

Experience the benefits by taking the step toward an automatic, effective, high-momentum development pipeline. Download the white paper to learn about the process and configuration improvements in detail that the Devbridge team is taking to advance from continuous delivery to continuous deployment. With these refinements underway, we are already shipping products to market faster and better.

Winning customer experiences across the machine lifecycle

Winning customer experiences across the machine lifecycle

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