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The cross-functional agile team playbook

How to avoid waterfall mishaps and build successful product teams

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Embrace transparency

Being open about intentions, successes, and failures of the team is critical to delivering results and getting products to market. Participating in the rituals and adopting tools to enable transparency builds trust and empowers teams to deliver at scale across large organizations. The use of live project health reporting and agile KPIs helps guarantee products ship to market on time and budget.

At Devbridge, clients use our PowerUp application to manage their product portfolio, delivery vendors, and internal teams through a single application. The added visibility to more than 30 KPIs enables our clients to master on time delivery, reduce risks, and improve agile adoption.

PowerUp provides real-time data, including:

Comprehensive, organization-wide status: Gain visibility across the product org into all aspects of agile transformation from budgeting to utilization to spend.

Custom health reporting: No two products are alike. That’s why we’ve made PowerUp completely customizable with up to 30 KPI’s to choose from. Increase relevancy by tracking the metrics most applicable to the product being built and the team’s needs.

Hi-level or in-depth delivery details: Select a 30,000-foot view of the entire agile portfolio. If needed, however, a deep-dive reveals individual team time entries tracked in 15-min increments. View backlog, active sprint details, Jira user story details, release notes, and many other agile project specifics.

Adoption at scale: All aspects of the agile delivery process are tracked in real-time. A key step in adoption agile at scale is building process maturity, familiarity, and expertise in your team. Trust and transparency between internal teams, delivery vendors, and integration partners can be visualized in a single actionable ecosystem.

Visibility to key metrics gives stakeholders and teams the ability to react or pivot faster, ultimately helping teams ship to market on time.

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