Define product excellence with service design

How to deliver high-quality experiences for people where they are and when they need them

Integrate service design into product development to deliver high-quality application software.

This white paper outlines how integrating service design into product development produces measurable results by bringing design thinking to improve the bottom line. Rather than chasing a vague series of metrics, focus on the full benefits a product can provide and measure each respectively. The discipline of service design seeks to understand the entire system around a product—including the people, products, related systems, interactions, workflows, back-end, and front-end processes connected to the digital product. The ways each of these aspects are connected, developed, and maintained makes a material impact on the customer experience.

Building a system-level perspective allows for greater insight into the unique risks associated with building or integrating a product into the existing environment (e.g., network considerations, data quality, and overall performance). Uncover the upstream dependencies and downstream impact the product has on the business and the customer. Through this, it is possible to turn risks that competing products might not account for into a competitive advantage.

Build design systems that work

Build design systems that work

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