Building a strong, secure communication system for healthcare organizations

How to design a compliant unified communication tool for the healthcare industry.

Untangling a complex web of communication can be intimidating and complex — especially for those in the healthcare industry.

Providers, hospitals, facilities, doctors, and patients all need to connect seamlessly, securely, and digitally.

Many organizations are decentralized and use multiple digital outlets. There's company sponsored email, instant message, and portals, plus personal email accounts, mobile and messaging applications—all with the potential to complicate and compromise the quality and security of communication.

Compounding these challenges are extensive security regulations with little margin for error. The penalties for violations are BIG, ranging from $50k/day up to 1.5M/year to jail. Any breach can result in a mass exodus of patients and irreparable damage to the organization.

Tackling communication and privacy in tandem is complicated, but it can be done. We know because did it by:

  • diagnosing the problem

  • designing the ideal communication system

  • integrating workflows

  • and more.

This white paper covers how we built a unified, HIPAA-compliant messenger app (including encryption) to better connect people operating for a national healthcare org servicing 8 million patients. Streamlining communication around onboarding, scheduling, and credentialing processes helped reduce cost and improved efficiency, ultimately resulting in better care for patients.

We get it. And what’s more, we handled it.

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Automated shift assignments for doctors and nurses during a healthcare crisis

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