Winning customer experiences across the machine lifecycle

How tactical investment in custom software can help manufacturers build better digital products and improve the customer experience

Big brand names are no longer enough. Get results with custom digital products.

New players and shifting demographics are changing the face of the commercial machinery market. Emerging manufacturers in lower-cost countries are rapidly achieving parity with the historic market leaders in both hardware design and quality. At the same time, the traditional customer base is steadily being replaced by younger buyers who place more stock in technology-driven solutions than established brand names.

Now, more than ever, it's imperative that legacy companies invest in digital innovation if they want to preserve their brand equity.

In this white paper, we'll outline how. We’ll identify phases of the product lifecycle where customized digital solutions can deliver the most value and create real competitive advantage. Using actual case studies, we’ll show:

  • How a multinational machinery manufacturer accelerated growth by digitizing their product development process

  • How investing in the online acquisition experience can set the stage for long-term customer satisfaction

  • How one generator manufacturer used a custom mobile app and IoT capabilities to dramatically improve their customer-service response

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The roadmap to digital customer onboarding

The roadmap to digital customer onboarding

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