Product-centric funding

How to configure the software development funding process to incentivize measurable product outcomes

Kill classic funding techniques.

Enterprise organizational structures are riddled with fragmented processes that blow up budgets and water down products. Too often, these issues start with the ill-informed BRD created in large part to mitigate risks by analysts who hand them off to leadership to review without any input from the dev team or end-user. Things quickly snowball out of control when the dev team—operating in silos—uses BRD to design and build the product.

"On average, large projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent overtime, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted."

– McKinsey

Deliver measurable results with a product-centric funding approach.

The objective of product-centric funding is to maximize return for dollars invested. A key action to deliver on this promise is to empower a cross-functional product team to be truly agile.

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Accelerating the digital transformation of a $10B commerce giant

Accelerating the digital transformation of a $10B commerce giant

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