The CISO guide to DevSecOps tactics and tools

How to embed sustainable security tools and tactics in your organization

DevSecOps: Integrating security into DevOps

DevOps is both a mindset and a methodology that eliminates barriers between development and operations. Conventionally, development (Dev) and deployment operations (Ops) have been at the core of the software development life cycle for modern development teams to build, test, and deploy software faster with higher levels of quality and a minimum of manual intervention. DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) shifts security further upstream in the development pipeline and aims to integrate security into all aspects of the life cycle—including design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

Build secure applications using DevSecOps best practices

Embedding DevSecOps cultivates a mindset that the responsibility for security is to be shared among development, security, and IT operations teams. The aim is to build “software, safer, sooner,” which is the DevSecOps motto. Delivery teams, customers, stakeholders all stand to substantially benefit from rapid, highly automated delivery of high-security software.

This paper presents an overview of implementing DevSecOps with tactical guidelines and tooling suggestions to embed the practice effectively in your organization.

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