Legacy software modernization

A practical guide for enterprises looking to face legacy system issues head-on

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Learn from failure

Companies make mistakes. Projects fail. Carnegie Mellon offers the top ten reasons why modernization efforts fall short in “Why engineering projects fail.” To avoid repeating mistakes already made learn from them.

  1. The organization adopts a flawed or incomplete strategy.

  2. The organization relies too heavily on outside consultants.

  3. The team is tied down to old technologies and inadequate training.

  4. The organization falsely thinks a legacy system is under control (when it isn’t).

  5. The organization’s needs are oversimplified.

  6. The overall software architecture isn’t given enough consideration.

  7. There is no defined application modernization process.

  8. There is inadequate planning and follow-through.

  9. Leaders lacks long-term commitment to the strategy.

  10. Leaders pre-determine technical decisions.

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