Legacy software modernization

A practical guide for enterprises looking to face legacy system issues head-on

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Invest in products, not projects

Don’t risk reverting to an outdated, risk-riddled, rotted state. Instead, provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep systems viable. The premise is rather simple.

  1. Research

  2. Design

  3. Build

  4. Maintain

  5. Support

Keep applications evergreen through a steady stream of features releases and fixes. Agile alone is not enough. To maintain and support the product, fund the change at the product level instead of a single project. Adjust the investment model to accommodate ongoing oversight—continually investing in products over time.

Adopting a product over project mentality at all levels of the organization is key to successful legacy modernization efforts. A product mindset challenges the team responsible for the application to think about the long-term goals in small iterative pieces. Evaluate the product against established metrics within the build-measure-learn loop, empowering the team to learn from and celebrate successes—as well as quickly react to failure. Build a culture around products should not end after the first release. Keeping systems modernized with continued support and maintenance enables enterprises to respond to market conditions and business needs quickly.