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How to accelerate organizational change and transform at scale with the right elements in place

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Large enterprises, especially those in financial services, often approach us with a similar dilemma: They’ve begun their digital transformation with a small beachhead product effort. The result was successful, but how do these companies scale the transformational effort? Doing so requires advocacy of the agile product mindset and momentum. As we’ve detailed, this can be a challenging process.

In this white paper, we’ve outlined ways that organizations can launch their own transformation, then ensure it stays on track. To summarize, for the full value of a transformation to be realized, consider the following:

  1. A change in organizational philosophy and, with that, its structure

  2. Cross-functional teams that are focused on deliverying exceptional customer experiences.

  3. Metrics that keep those teams aligned and on track.

With the right structure in place, it’s time to tackle the monolithic code of legacy architecture.

  1. Triage legacy architecture, and develop a roadmap to repair or replace

  2. Embrace modular, technology-agnostic practices

  3. Break down, divide and conquer with the goal of continuous delivery

To navigate the open seas, a skilled captain doesn’t just unfurl the sails and await destiny. Doing so leaves any ship vulnerable to the omnipresent dangers of the deep. Instead a skilled captain studies the intricacies of the wind, uses their breadth of experience, and trusts the word of their crew. The smoothest journeys are the result of open communication, refined movements, and being ready when the tailwind arrives.

At Devbridge, we accomplish this through small, empowered, delivery teams. These teams work alongside each other, sharing knowledge, context, and learnings as they consistently ship meaningful pieces of work. What are the keys to delivering value this way? It starts with a culture that embraces transparency at all levels. Our product teams make data-informed decisions through research, and build on the industry expertise of our clients to effectively prioritize and efficiently deliver the product at hand.

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