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Navigating beyond digital transformation

How to accelerate organizational change and transform at scale with the right elements in place

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Introduction to navigating beyond digital transformation

When companies are founded, their small size allows them to be nimble and react quickly to customer feedback. As these successful companies scale, they can be bound to the practices that spurred initial growth but are less suited to the larger and more complicated organization they’ve become. This can reduce their agility—and proximity to the customer. As a result, shifting industry landscapes and emerging technologies are difficult to leverage for economic advantage. Organizations often embark on a digital transformation to recapture that lost spark. Not all institutions will approach this journey the same way, but successful navigators will share a common compass: They make their customer the North Star.

So what comes next? In this white paper, we will examine how evolving beyond a successful transformation requires a change in the organizational structure, outcome-focused product strategy, and an agnostic approach to selecting the technology stack.

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