Devbridge is officially transitioning to the Cognizant brand at the end of 2023. Come visit us at our new home as part of the Cognizant Software Engineering team.

Define product excellence with service design

How to deliver high-quality experiences for people where they are and when they need them.

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Get up and running fast with a Lean Requirements workshop

Put custom software development on the fast track. First, get key stakeholders in one room. Then, let our product development team orchestrate the ultimate workshop. Without fail, we get the stakeholders aligned in a couple of days—which is more than most companies can do in months.

One rule: Don’t bring documentation.

Six key outcomes

  1. Defined business goal. A clearly defined business goal with success metrics

  2. MVP requirements. The minimum amount of requirements necessary to kickoff the design process

  3. Hidden requirements. Bringing people from different functions together to uncover what impacts goals, scope, and priorities

  4. Shared understanding. A shared understanding of the business process, end users, and their pain points

  5. Scope & priorities. An agreement on scope and priorities to meet the business goals

  6. Product release strategy. A phased approach to releasing your product to market

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