A roadmap for test automation

Know the right shortcuts to take on the journey to quality software.

Navitage obstacles impeding software quality.

Various principles and practices contribute to software quality. Automated testing holds the promise of expediting software validation and increasing testing coverage. The effort is not without its challenges with teams struggling with complexity, ill-defined requirements, a dynamic code repository, and the leap from manual to automatic tests.

While it may be difficult to believe, there is hope. Some teams have actually overcome these obstacles and done it well. The backbone of the initial successes involves careful thought, a defined plan, and a progressive approach to implementation. Such teams take additional steps to build upon the early wins. Today, they enjoy building better quality software in less time than before.

Know how to transition to automated testing successfully.

Rather than attempting to dispense test automation tips blindly, this paper presents guidelines for successful automation. We'll provide an overview of common setbacks paired with a test-first approach to software development and a series of intermediate steps to try a test implementation. The methods covered provide a roadmap for teams to progressively transition to a test-first approach and move forward with confidence.

Devbridge women at work: Rasa Raulinaitė, Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead

Devbridge women at work: Rasa Raulinaitė, Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead

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