Digital transformation of a global food supplier with impact on millions

Creating products for Louis Dreyfus Company to help farmers work smarter and feed millions of people

Human-driven, digitally-enabled products remove friction and redundancy in the origination process for farmers.

With the agriculture industry turning to smart farming to meet the demands of feeding a rapidly growing global population, LDC furthers its digital transformation journey by adopting a product-centric mindset and creating myLDC, a multi-touchpoint, cross-platform digital application that shares transactional information with the customer and offers value-added services.


The industry experienced a shift from a push (farmer) to a pull (trader) origination model due to more available information flows, better storage alternatives, and a fierce, price-driven market.


Create a new platform that provides a single source to access transaction information with streamlined quotes, contracts, orders, payments, deliveries, and relationship management.


A suite of multilingual applications and services to facilitate the full lifecycle of customer experience that enables producers to engage LDC in the field.

MyLDC hero device image

MyLDC: Utilizing technology to farm smarter

Digitized commodity origination and fulfillment lifecycle

Since 2016, Devbridge’s work with LDC has spanned three core technology initiatives, each helping maximize agility, increase the reliability of operations, and strengthen the relationship with their customers. The new platform created:

  • A single source of truth for account representatives: Back-office processes are streamlined to focus on serving the customer and keeping the business moving.

  • A responsive customer portal: Originators and aggregators can review bids, orders, contracts, payments, settlements, and shipments wherever they are.

  • Microservices architecture and cloud-native design: A cost-effective implementation of hybrid mobile applications enables producers to engage LDC in the field. Auto-scaling infrastructure facilitates changing levels of demand.

myLDC lifecycle

Transforming into a product-centric org using Agile development methodologies and cloud-native capabilities

MyLDC tablets

The advantages go both ways. The web portal is helping farmers to better manage their business with LDC while allowing the company to increase its services to the farmers and reduce its administrative costs.

Damien Roy

Vice President, North America Head of Operations and Chief Information Officer

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