Lean Power transforms digital workflows

Converting paperwork instructions to digitally executed instructions allows organizations to become nimbler, smarter, and more cost-effective.

Lean Power Application mock up

Fully digital work management and execution platform

Lean Power is a dynamic procedure conversion and execution tool. Complete work faster, improve data accuracy, and get powerful real-time analytics.


Back office planners and the workers in the field need a stronger toolkit to plan, convert, execute, and manage their workloads.


A bespoke application quickly converts paper & PDF procedures into dynamic computer-based workflows with features to schedule, execute, and monitor work.


Drive results through workforce efficiencies, schedule optimization, data accuracy, and analytics.

A smart and safe way to maintain industrial equipment

Automated digital work procedures drastically improve worker productivity while reducing human error, downtime, and overhead—providing a superior user experience tailored for fieldwork. Real-time data capture and analytics provide management insight for further scheduling improvement, cost savings, and worker efficiency.

Modules to manage and run complex workflows

Lean Power streamlines complex workflows while providing data insight from work execution. The digital work platform is suitable for equipment installation and maintenance, facilities, operations, construction, process training, complex work management, and auditing.

icon File or folder sync

Document parser

Automate current paper procedure conversion.

icon Workflow process

Work instruction editor

Draft and publish procedures for equipment maintenance.

icon Users

Admin app

Configure teams, workflows, notifications, and more.

icon Documentation

Execution app

Complete work orders in the field, capture data, and maintain equipment.

icon Roadmap

Orchestration portal

Assign work orders, track progress, review data, and analytics.

Scaling product delivery teams icon

Execution analytics

Leverage captured data for business intelligence, predictive analytics, and operational insights.

“The Lean Power parser makes onboarding really easy. By importing our existing instruction sets, we were up and running within days.”

Fleet maintenance manager

Lean Power maintenance lifecycle

Enable regimented industrial work to be completed leveraging the power of mobile devices. Lean Power digitizes complex workflows as well as provides data insight on execution.

Lean Power work flow

Simplify work management with Lean Power

Paper and PDF work instructions are prone to human error, provide no data posterity, no data validation, and result in lower worker efficiency.

icon Mobile reporting

Data-driven planning

Provide real-time information on work completion and analytics on work performance to aid in future planning and scheduling.

icon Cross platform devices

Leveraging mobile in the field

Deliver instructions instantly to field workers using tablets.

icon Chart

Designed for accuracy

Data input is collected more accurately using software specifically designed for data entry on tablets.

icon Performance

Saving time, reducing costs, improving productivity

Time is saved during assembly, scheduling, and distribution. Throughput is increased via the orchestration of schedules, tasks, and teams.